Multidisciplinary project that gathers around the homonym cultural association VACA an Italian acronym for vari cervelli associati - various brains associated -. Founded in 1990 (the founders are Mauro Bartoli, Umberto Giovannini, Walter Pretolani, Davide Reviati, Massimiliano Valli and Gianni Zauli), it has since produced works in the fields of publishing, film, music, theatre, exhibitions and education.
Amongst the many collective productions, stand out:
- the twenty-years work on the sixteenth century polygraph Tomaso Garzoni
- over one hundred exhibitions related to graphics, illustration, photography
- the management of a national museum, the MIL in Ferrara
- the creation of a film trilogy on the Romagna of the Twentieth century
- the international competition for handmade books Libri mai mai visti
- a series of events related to Romagna and its traditions.

In 1999, VACA opened the 'Fucina delle Arti' - the Forge of the Arts - , its working and lab headquarters, in Russi in the Ravenna province.