Tim and Hayato: Constable Pathway,
from the series Fish Eye, 2013. Woodcut. 22x20 cm.



Umberto Giovannini adolescence was spent in the studios of a radio station - Punto Radio, active from 1977 to 1983, which broadcast music spanning from electronic to new wave – this has shaped his approach to the world of music and listening.
The journey from Kraftwerk’s synthetic sound to the ethnic explorations of Tuxedo Moon, from David Byrne to popular music, has been a journey driven by curiosity and that has led to the study of the diatonic accordion under the guidance of Maestro Pepe Medri.
With him he have started to play a popular repertoire, then he experimented with other ethnic groups and formations.
The dark world of electronic experimentation and evocations of music research he grew up with, was destined to resurface.
Together with Stefano Bonato, with whom I shared a musical journey for over ten years, and Stefano Pagliarani, multi-instrumentalist with a blues and jazz background, in 2007 they founded the trio Gli Orsi (www.gliorsi.com).
A group born out of the meeting of popular music with the smoky melodies found in night clubs.
A dark imagery, gripping, sucking the sap of a film world in black and white and then dealing with the sounds of traditional music and pop.
The musical project debuted in spring 2008 in Riccione during the festival Suoni Migranti with a concert of original compositions.
The first recording project, 'Via Emilia', is presented in theatre contexts with a show of lights, shadows and figures whose staging is directed by the internationally acclaimed artist Luca Ronga.
The second album ‘...è così’ was edited in February 2013.

With Luca Ronga (www.lucaronga.it), actor, theatre director and puppeteer, he have since 2007 started a journey that combines research on popular iconography and traditions with music and theatre of traditions. They worked together on several shows, and they gave multiple performances at theatre festivals all over Europe.
The show Pulcinella baby in 2007 it won the 'Marionetta d’oro'.

Together with VACA (www.vaca.it), he has worked since 1995 to draft four films to tell the Romagna of the 20th century. Still there are three (Tanabéss, Tizca and Bérbablù) that have been made a national distribution and have screened in international festivals.
Giovannini works as the main actor, co-writer and designer.